Ingrid van de Linde
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stories from the mystical East/ installations

 2000 – 2004



2004 Dancing Stupas Mariakerk and de Vaate, Nisse, NL Chateau du Magnet, Mers sur Indre, FR Concept and realisation i.s.m. Renée Schouwenberg: a site-specific installation project both inside and outside the Protestant church in Nisse: Floating images inspired by ancient stupa shapes from South-East Asia, with a projection of the flash film ‘Tales of the old nun’ performed in a hut made of osiers, a Jewish hut.


stoepas 051

still The old nun narrates/ De oude non verteld


stoepas 020

still video The old nun narrates/ De oude non verteld Het heilige putje Mariakerk Nisse, Zeeland/ The Holy well Maria Church Nisse, Zealand



Pyramids of beeswax ( R.S.) Chautaux du Magnet, Mers sur Indre, with ‘the old non’: movie



2002 An Orchestra of Soap Bubbles Kapel van Sint Maarten (St. Martin’s Chapel), Hoogelande, NL Concept and realisation and sponsoring: a trip to Burma resulted in an installation, a photo exhibition and a film of a show by the Moustache Brothers, a family of Burmese artists about their ‘black-listedness’. Installation: Burmese poetry carved in cowhides which I tanned myself, statues of cow shoulder blades, statues of aluminium cement and bronzes.


Hoef met tekens 2001 (brons)kopie

Hoef met tekens (brons) detail


maskers 101